Haters gonna hate

Today, I had what I thought was a pretty good show about celebrity vegans (sorry Alicia Silverstone, I don’t think I mentioned you, but I missed a lot of folks!) with the additive of the week being Yellow #5.  Then…

For the first time since I’ve been doing live online radio shows (about a year now), I had prank callers.  And naive, silly little me… I took the calls.  They were placed one right after the other: I can see the phone number and the time they’ve been “on hold.”  I wish I’d taken a screen shot but in the live radio moment I just wanted to get the first guy off the air, then didn’t think that the second might be an accomplice, and had to remove him as well, but like Bart Simpson with Mo the Bartender, they got their entertainment.

The weird thing is, they sounded like grown men, and they each had a phone with a different area code.  To me this is bizarre because, given this evidence, it was most likely adults messing around.  As though they were 12 years old.  Who DOES that??

I really wish I wasn’t so naive but now I’ve learned a lesson.  At least I know to jot down unrecognized phone numbers before I take the calls, and there is a screening function, though I’m not sure how effective/easy it is to use.  I’ve never had to.

I’ll have an edited version back up probably tomorrow.

People confound me sometimes.


Vegan uses for non-vegan kitchen implements

I never bought a meat cleaver until after I went vegan.

Sounds weird, right?

Well, the reason for it is quite simple: it’s the easiest way to open a young coconut (besides drilling, which most of us aren’t equipped to do).

Here are a couple good videos with different approaches to cleaving open your young coconut.  By the way, you can find these coconuts for FAR cheaper at an Asian grocery store vs. Whole Foods or a similar place.



Next, we have the meat grinder.  I don’t own one, myself, but I know that my boyfriend’s family makes a cranberry orange relish during the holidays by grinding the berries and whole oranges in an old-fashioned hand-crank meat grinder.  Probably turns out similar to this:


Then, finally, my new favorite: the egg slicer.  Sure, you can still slice eggs with it, but whether or not you eat eggs, this will save you a LOAD of time in the kitchen slicing the small mushrooms you love so much.  It’s ridiculous I didn’t figure this out sooner.


Et voila!

So if you’re newly vegetarian or vegan, do not throw out all your “animal processing” gadgets.  I mean, we all know cheese graters are great for carrots and the like, yet there are other things we may not think to use for our veggie creations, so be creative AND conservative!  And be well!